mavi wear maverick

My name is Wendy Innes and I create.

I have been sewing and creating things by hand for as long as I can remember and the creative “gene” is powerful in my family. Mix that with a hefty dose of entrepreneurial spirit and it brings me to this point in my life, but not without several significant bumps along the way. Losing both my parents completely shattered my world. I needed to find an outlet to help me through the difficult times. I also knew that I wanted to create beautiful things from home just hadn’t focused on what yet.

Enter Aurora in early 2009, my first Siberian Husky, that my son and I got when she was just a puppy. They have both helped me through the darkest stage of my life. My son grew up and left the pack to start his own. Feeling my life was too lonely with just Aurora and myself, I decided to open my heart and home to another dog in need. Welcome home Maverick

Maverick is another Siberian husky from a breeding operation that was being shutdown. Dear sweet Maverick came to me with several issues, the main issue was that he was into “social distancing” before “social distancing” was a thing!! While out walking Aurora and Maverick shortly after I got him, the clasp on the leash failed and he got away from me. We were finally reunited after 2 long and very stressful months searching! During this most difficult time I created many strong bonds with people that helped me search for him. It re-ignited my passion for creation and it is through their love and energy that I began Maviwear pet collars and accessories and Maviwear jewelry for people. for if it wasn’t for precious Mavi (Maverick) entering my life, his struggles and mine, this would never have happened.

So now Maverick is thriving in the pack and it was with immense joy that we were able to welcome my first Grandson, Logan, into the world less than 24 hours after Maverick’s return. Odin, another Siberian from Europe, was welcomed to the pack in Sept. 2019.

I hope you will enjoy the items I have to offer, they are all made with love and gives me pleasure to create a little something of myself for others to appreciate. You can also read all about dear Maverick and his amazing journey, every moment with him is a gift that I treasure.

Be well Wendy😊