Aurora Bracelets


 Blue Goldstone, Hematite, & Sterling Silver



Aurora bracelets are my finest quality pieces. Named after my best girl Aurora, you too can sparkle and shimmer just like the Northern lights with these 3 strand stretch bracelets that showcase your love of pets!! They feature sterling silver paw charms and numerous other sterling and crystal accents, such as sparkle balls and lasercut stardust beads.

All bracelets are made with .925 sterling silver, genuine Swarovski crystals as well as a variety of semi precious gemstones. Prices vary depending on which stones and the amount of sterling silver is used. They can be customized to suit your personal taste using your choice of beads and accent pieces  just let me know in the contact form.

All gemstones have meaning and healing properties. This one features the following.

  • 1 strand of 4mm round blue goldstone beads that sparkle with flecks of copper
  • 1 strand of 2mm round sterling silver beads
  • 1 strand of 3mm round hematite beads- strong grounding and protecting stone, balances and harmonizes mind, body and spirit. Strengthens immune system and blood vessels
  • Sterling silver stardust bead and paw charm, Swarovski sparkle balls, and numerous other genuine crystal accents


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